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MekTeks is a game about playing the unsung heroes of a mech squadron repairing the mighty mechanized war machines of ace pilots amidst the backdrop of a great and terrible conflict. You will play the MekTeks working tirelessly against the odds to refit, refuel, and repair your squad's mehs before the next mission and then hope that they return. The hours are long, the work is dangerous, and each day brings new challenges. This is a game about trying to do your best despite the odds being stacked against you. It is a difficult game and there will likely be casualties in your squad you don't have the power to avoid, but war is hell and we are caught in its grip. 


 The majority of the action in MekTeks takes place after violence has been done and we are left to deal with its aftermath. You may be asked to frame scenes around small scale violence such as fistfights or skirmishes between personnel, but the grand mecha battles are not something our characters participate in directly, instead they must  put back together the pieces that make those battles possible. 


 This is a game about mecha and war and as such deals with themes appropriate to those genres that can often be quite heavy. Death, desperation, and the horrors of war are ever present in MekTeks so ensure your group is using whichever safety tools that you find work for you and ensure the safety of your table. 

Update: Fixed a few minor issues that weren't caught in editing surrounding unclear language. 

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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MekTeks was a blast to watch on the Marathon for Choice! 

This game makes for an amazing addition to a stream event, so if you're looking for a mech anime one-shot for a stream or podcast that'll keep your audience hooked, look no further!


MekTeks takes place in the quiet moments between violence, as the world breathes out and resets itself. It's still tense and frantic as you work to repair the mechs before they head out to battle again, but it's also quiet and contemplative and asks you to reflect on why we do violence and the lasting effects of those acts.

More games like this, please.